Frysian E-Power Challenge 2011

Frysian E-Power Challenge

Last Sunday I spent the day in Sneek to watch 21 one electrically powered boats compete in the Frysian E-Power Challenge. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good and I didn’t envy the guys and girls sitting in their boats sailing around Friesland for more than 4 hours. I wanted to see this E-Power Challenge to see what the different possibilities of electrical sailing are at the moment. It was great to see the variety of boats that were participating.

Frysian eChallenge

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Frisian E-Performance Challenge – Update

Winner Dong Solar Challenge

I had a great day in Sneek today watching all the electrical boats. There were 21 boats competing for the title of fastest e-powered boat. I will post a longer review about the day with some photos in the next couple of days. The photo you see here is the winner of the Dong Solar Challenge 2010, which used to be called the Nuon Solar Challenge. This boat did not compete today. It is a requirement for the competing boats that they are on sale and the public can buy the same version. This is clearly not the case with this one, as it was specifically constructed for the solar challenge.

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Book: Electric Propulsion for Boats

Electrical propulsion for boats
A nice book about electrical propulsion for boats. You can buy the book at Amazon.

Yet another book that is not dedicated to renewable energy for boats, but that can help you to install electrical propulsion on our boats. This is the first step to a boat only powered by renewable energy. The author, Charlie Mathys, has many years of experience with designing various boats and propulsion methods. He describes both his successes and the things that went wrong to make sure that you as the reader will not make the same mistakes as well.

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Frisian E-Performance Challenge

Stifting Elektrysk Farre Fryslan
Sunday 18th of September
As the title suggests, this is a challenge for electrical boats to see how long and how far electrically powered boats can go. They want to show the public what is possible with electrically powered boats. The race starts at 12pm and the boats are expected to be back in about 4 hours. The 10 fastest boats will receive a variety of prizes worth 15,000 euro.

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Ecolution is the creation of Wubbo Ockels. After traveling to space he decided that the earth deserves better, so he built a boat that doesn’t need any fossil fuels, can sail all year long, all around the world. If you have the money, you can order one too! Have a look at the Ecolution Website or read this review in the Dutch nautical magazine Nautique. Continue reading Ecolution