Would motivation like this work for renewable energy too?

It is all about motivation! We can all run a marathon, climb the biggest mountain or sail around the world, as long as we have the right motivation. The video below shows how people can be motivated to change something very small in their normal behaviour, without it having to cost them anything.

The question is, how can we use this in other aspects of our lifes where we feel the need to change peoples’ behavior? Should we build massive pianos everywhere? Or can we find something else that is as simple and as efficient as this example?

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Something different, a cool skate video

This is a pretty cool skate video I wanted to share with you. The speed is phenomenal. Do you realise that there is a human standing on top of this skate board? Speed is not all that special, but when you realise it is not a car or plane, but a guy only centimetres removed from the concrete, you might get a bit more respect. So here is something different, but with great potential.

Imagine the possibilities of such a tiny camera!

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Saving Energy on Board

Red Led Port LightEnergy efficiency on board

As with any project, there are many aspects that are important to make the whole project successful. Building a boat that can be powered solely by renewably generated energy is no different. Everything has to work together to make sure the boat can sail for as long as desired while being comfortable and save at the same time. Unfortunately many of these aspects are conflicting.

For example, it would be most efficient to create a very light boat. But this means that you have to remove as much as possible. But to make a boat comfortable and safe, you want to add things like a fridge, toilet and rescue equipment. As this will add a lot of weight to the boat, more energy is needed to sail for the same time.

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