One of the most beautiful and impressive yachts built in the recent past. Built in the Netherlands by the founder of Netscape and couple other companies in Silicon Valley. Impressive. Gracious. Just a pure beauty. 90m of immense power. One of the largest sailing yachts.


These are just a couple of words or sentences to describe the Athena. I have always been very impressed with this Dutch built yacht since I first heard of her many years ago and she was extensively covered in every sailing and boating magazine.

Currently she is for sale¬†if you are interested. Have a look for yourself. You have to promise to invite me if you buy her though… It is not like you don’t have enough space to invite some friends.

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AK Maritime Service

I don’t just want to show far from our bed examples of huge projects sponsored by large corporations, but as well help you to find the right information for your own boat. AK Maritime Service is a service provider both for recreational yachts as well as work boats. They have a small webshop where you can order a variety of electrical components and engines. Go … Continue reading AK Maritime Service


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Electrical boating in Amsterdam

Electrical boating in Amsterdam Not renewable, just electrical sailing in the canals in Amsterdam. Electrical boating is becoming more and more popular in the canals of Amsterdam. Read this Dutch Article in People like that it is “green”, the boats are really easy to handle because of the electrical propulsion and for the companies renting the boats, the low maintenance costs are very important … Continue reading Electrical boating in Amsterdam