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  • Getting Things Done, with OmniFocus

    Lately I try to get things done. Really! With the help of David Allen’s Gettings Things Done strategy, I now use OmniFocus to, well, get things done. For a start, I was really skeptical myself as well. But it works. Especially, or perhaps only, if you go all in.

  • Gunter Pauli Blue Economy

    There are many ways too achieve your goal when you want to change. One way can be to slowly make little changes over a long period of time. Or another, more drastic, way is too make a 180 degrees turn around and start doing what you want to do today!

  • Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

    Since the beginning of this website, there has been a section for interesting books. It turns out it is very hard to find good books about renewable energy for boats. Luckily, there are a lot of very interesting books out there that we can learn a lot from. Therefore, starting today, this section will have a […]

  • Book: Electric Propulsion for Boats

    Yet another book that is not dedicated to renewable energy for boats, but that can help you to install electrical propulsion on our boats. This is the first step to a boat only powered by renewable energy. The author, Charlie Mathys, has many years of experience with designing various boats and propulsion methods. He describes […]

  • Book: WordPress for Dummies

    I use WordPress for this website and I always love to have a real book when working on these things. I hope this book, Buy this book at Amazon, which is actually 8 books in 1, can be useful for you when you want to explore the many possibilities of WordPress. At the moment WordPress […]

  • Useful Books

    We have been looking for good books about renewable energy for boats for a while. We thought there would be more about renewable energy for boats. But we were wrong. Or we just haven’t been able to find them yet. This is one book that does cover the topic and it tells you a great deal about installing […]