Reading Getting Things Done, I realised I have been using an important tool for a long time. Both to collect information, as well as to write down thoughts and concepts. I am talking about Evernote.



It is a great tool to write down your thoughts, for example when you want to pen down an important email you know you are going to revise a lot. I love that you can use Evernote on all your devices, so you always have it with you. I often use Evernote in meetings to make notes, this saves a lot of times later if you are looking for something.

There is a great search function too. Evernote will even recognise writing in pictures. Which is great if you have scanned important documents or a recipe you want to make for your mother.

Evernote Free and Premium

Luckily it starts as a free service, which is always nice. Depending on your usage, there are two paid tiers, which set you back €20 and €40 respectively. There are a couple reasons you want to upgrade.

The free version is a good place to start. You can make loads of notes and notebooks, you can share them, you can save clips from the internet and of course you can synchronise across all your devices.


With the plus version you get offline access, which can be great if you have a bad internet connection. As well you can add a pascode to your notes. For me this doesn’t sound too interesting. The third extra you get is the ability to save emails to Evernote. That can be a very useful function. Oh, lets not forget you get to upload 1GB of data each month.

With the Premium version, obviously you get all of the above and a lot of extras:

  • Search in Office docs & attachments
  • Turn notes into presentations
  • Annotate attached PDFs
  • Scan and digitize business cards
  • View previous versions of notes
  • See content related to your notes

As well, you can upload 10GB per month, for if you want to upload about every scrap of information you can get your hands on.

Download Evernote

Try it out for yourself, first make an account here. After that you can download Evernote in the iTunes store and from the Google Play Store. Enjoy!