Managing 12 volts

Managing 12 VoltsQuite a while ago I wrote about a useful book for any boat or caravan owner looking to install, or improve, an electrical system. Even with modern technology, you still have to know what you are doing when installing an electrical system that suits your needs.

Managing 12 volts

This book helps you to understand what you have to do, what the bottlenecks are and how you can cope with these. One thing to understand is, that modern techniques won’t help you to make the system fool proof. You can build in safety measures, but how often or not have we heard from people who had to replace their batteries at the beginning of the season because they didn’t maintain them properly over winter?

New technology

We all dream about the day when we can charge our batteries at the beginning of the seasons and don’t have to worry about electrical power onboard all season long. Even with the most modern technology, this is still a dream. Improvements in batteries and reduction in energy can hardly keep up with the growing demand of electricity on board.

Smartphones, tablets, espresso machines, navigation instruments, fish finders and of course electrical propulsion all need a lot of electrical power. Therefore it is still very important to design an electrical system around both your needs, the boat and of course your wallet!

Buy at Amazon

You can directly buy Managing 12 Volts at Amazon to get a proper understanding of your electrical system. If you order now, you should receive your copy in a day or 2, depending where you live of course.

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