One Friend

I want to have one friend and one friend only! I will make an exception for 2 friends or perhaps even 3 friends, because I do like people.

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There I really have to draw the line! It is not that I have turned anti social all of a sudden, no, far from it. Actually, it is more the opposite. I have been way too social. There are the international friends in Melbourne, the hockey friends, there is the family (yes I do have family, even in Melbourne!), there are the uni friends from the two different universities I am attending at the moment, there are the new friends from our week of hockey in Perth and of course there are the random friends we picked up along the way as well.
Oh I almost forgot. I have to attend classes at the university as well, and spend some hours at work. And lets not forget selling Magic Wallets on!

So what is my problem?

I will give you an example. A friend was trying to plan something like a simple BBQ.
-First attempt is shot down. Some people were going to Perth to play hockey for a week. Sorry dude, that was almost half the people in the message.
-Second attempt 50 minutes later. Sorry dude, there is a 21st birthday that night. And oh btw there is probably going to be another 21st celebration on that day or the day before. It is not even a close date, it is more than a month away.
-Third attempt is not attempted but postponed to further notice.
So as a result, being too busy has resulted in no BBQ at this time. Damn.

Another example.

Great Ocean RoadOr lets have a look at that weekend with the 21st. Two 21sts on one evening, one invitation to go to the horse races during the day, some graduations, and I heard the rumour that someone wanted to do the great ocean road as well. So how do we ever plan that all in one long weekend and spend quality time with the people we actually do care about? Because such a busy weekend will obviously result in turning down quite some of the invitations!

What to do?

So I have to stop hanging out with many different groups of friends. I will start with reducing the number of friends I am seeing soon, as in now.
Oh no, this weekend I have already fully planned. Maybe next weekend, or perhaps the weekend after when I do have a bit more time! Damn it, I feel like it just is not going to work for me!

Maybe one day! Until that time, bare with me when I am a little busy, I will try to hang out all you amazing people as much as I can!

Dedicated to a good friend who first introduced the idea of focussing on a small number of friends. He wanted to focus on only a small number of good friends to regularly spend quality time with. I should ask him how this worked out for him!

As well as the others, whose examples I used and abused 🙂 Thank you. You are all still my friends.

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