Or maybe what not to choose!

Another interesting quote from the Daily Stat from the Harvard Business Review. Interesting, especially when I am going to enjoy another long haul flight soon. Space can be very nice, especially when you have to sit still for 12 hours. If you don’t want to sit still, you can walk up and down the aisles, but how long will it take before the flight attendants start questioning your behaviour? I mean, nowadays you are even asked not to gather in groups around the toilets or in other places on the plane.

What not to choose?

So what are they talking about? Airline space, or more precise, the space from the folded table behind you to the folded table in fron of you on an airplane, to be annoyingly technical.
At first, in the 50s when airlines were starting left, right and center, the space you had in economy class went up for a couple years. From 34 to 36 inch. Unfortunately that trend didn’t continue, imagine how we would be flying there days if it would have? That is what they call that business class.

Airplane in the skySo the next trend was down again. Down to a low of a bit above 30 inch. But note the average. Spirit Airline (anyone ever heard of them?) introduced seats that have only 28 inch of space. Good to know that some old-fashioned airlines have more than 40% more space than new least favourite airline Spirit. That probably explains why you can fly for only $159 from New York to Aruba!
Enjoy your trip I would say, I am sure you will feel that trip the rest of your holiday!


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