Interesting observation about renewable and nuclear energy

Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Power Plant

As you might have noticed, I added some Google Adds to support this website. Every time you click on an add on my site, I receive a couple cents. I use this to maintain this website and hope to cover the cost this year. So you know what to do to get me a buck or two…

Last weekend I showed my website to a friend. I was happy to hear that he liked it and thought that the site looked nice. But when writing about renewable energy for boats, it is a little strange to see ads for nuclear energy and another random add for Good Ideas from Statoil, the Norwegian National Oil Company’s public relation page. I have to admit, it is a pretty good page. And you can learn quite a bit too, so go check it out.

What surprised me were the type of adds. They were energy related, no denying that. But when I write about renewable energy for boats, I don’t expect to see an add about nuclear energy next to my post. Or a post from the Norwegian National Oil company. To be honest, I have nothing against these ads. I will not be the one signing up for a contract with the nuclear energy company, but I am not a hippy yelling at others they shouldn’t do so either.

What I find most interesting is to see those types of adds at all. I write about renewable energy for boats. Renewable energy. That doesn’t really match I think. I don’t think someone will visit a blog about renewable energy for boats and then click on a link about nuclear energy. The only reason I can imagine someone clicking on the link is because it will cost them money… Maybe that is a good strategy, look for them, and click on their link so they have to pay!