Burn baby burn!

Biolite Kettle
Biolite Kettle

As discussed before on these pages, BioLite has invented a way to combine a cozy camp fire with charging your iPhone when you are camping out in the bush. Now you can even make a pot of tea when you get the accompanying BioLite Kettle.

What I always really like about these inventions is the progress we make to make the world a little greener. Of course one cup of tea or a charged iPhone doesn’t change the world, but it proves that the technique is constantly making (small) steps. All we need to do is to continue this process of improvements and innovations and start using these little inventions on a larger scale.

BioLite is selling these BioLite Stoves and accesoires for commercial purposes, but they offer the Home Stove for people who currently cook on open fires, both indoors and outdoors. The Home Stove has a couple important benefits according to BioLite:

  • 50% Less Wood Consumed: Time and Cash Savings
  • 95% Smoke Reduction: Improved Health
  • Nearly Eliminates Black Carbon: Protects Climate
  • Generates Electricity: Charges Phones & LED Lights

These are all very significant improvements in the daily lives of the users.

This is the great little video from Biolite. As you can see you can’t only boil some water for a cup of tea, you can basically use it for anything.

Biolite Portable Grill
Biolite Portable Grill

The Biolite Grill is another cool add-on for an outdoor combination of cooking and charging. So it looks like you need two Biolites for a proper camping trip for a varied meal. Or perhaps just as a great gadget.

So we say, burn baby burn!