Tesla Powerwall

Tesla PowerwallWell, that is impressive! Before we have even written anything about the new Tesla Powerwall, it is already sold out until next year. They announced, only days after the Powerwall was introduced, that they have 38.000 reservations. That means that they are sold out until mid next year. What makes it even more surprising is that many people were wondering whether there was a market for these expensive batteries in the first place.


Tesla Cars

Tesla is doing a great job in bot producing electrical cars as well as promoting them. One cannot go without the other, especially when everyone is so used to have plenty of cheap fuel. Not only do you need to buy an electrical car if you want to, you have to worry as well whether you can easily charge your car. That is where Tesla is doing a great job as well, both in the US as well as in Europe.

Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Car


Tesla Powerwall

With the powerful, Tesla introduced another step in what we can call the green energy revolution. Storing solar or wind power has been a big problem, or at least a very costly one. There has never really been a standard solution, let alone an elegant one that you want to have in eyesight.

This all changes with the Tesla Powerwall. The $3k  to$3,5k has made something as boring as a battery sexy. It comes in two varieties: 7kWh or 10kWh. This gives you plenty of power storage for the average home. The idea is that you charge it during the day with your solar panels and you can use you own energy at night. Or you can use it as a backup in case of a blackout. Here we don’t have many electricity blackouts, but other areas can greatly benefit from this backup.

Of course the Powerwall is connected to Tesla Energy for monitoring purposes. As well, the units are designed in such a way that they are easily connected to increase the total storage, see the pictures below.

Green Energy Revolution

Here at Green Boating our main focus is renewable energy for boats. But just as well as street cars borrow a lot of technology from Formula 1 cars, boat can borrow knowledge and experience from electrical cars. Not only for the engines, but as well for charging and storing electricity. That is why this is such great news for a Green Boating future!

Tesla Powerwall x3