What to choose?

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Do you ever have the feeling that you cannot make a decision? Not because you don’t know what you want but because you have too many choices? There are sometimes just too many good things too choose from and I want them all!


The other day I was in Borders. Borders is a large chain of book stores. [UPDATE: was a large chain, unfortunately they went bankrupt] The good thing, apart from their huge choice, is that they have a cafe in the shop. You don’t have to buy anything in either the cafe or the bookshop, but you can take as many books or magazines there and read for as long as you want. No one will ask you to leave after a while or to actually buy the stuff you are reading. If you have tons of magazines on your table, all they ask you is whether you are finished reading some so they can put them back, that is what you call service!

What to choose?

Looking at the little table I am sitting right now, it seems I just like too much! I have a boating magazine, there is an Economist, a mac magazine (yes I am still a bit a geek), there is the National Geographic, some design magazines to look for ideas for www.nicollo.biz and www.eengoedcv.nl [UPDATE does not exist anymore], a magazine about renewable energy as I am still interested in the roll-out of renewable energy in the world and maybe one or two less serious magazines.

I wish it was only magazines though, there are just too many good things nowadays. I just seem to like too many different things. I actually seem to like a lot if I think about the many different email news letters I am subscribed to.

– I like the Vladi Private Islands, imagine selling and renting out islands all over the world. Which of course need to be inspected as well.
– I get the Daily Stat from the Harvard Business Review. Did you know that Bejing is going to melt snow this winter at Tiananmen Square because they have a water shortage? I do, since today!
– Another favourite is ShipsForSale Sweden – The Scandinavian Shipbroker. Yes, they are ships that are for sale in Sweden. I don’t even know anymore why I get it, but there is a very diverse range of ships on offer.

More things to choose from

This is only a small overview. I am actually trying to trim it down a bit by getting rid of as many useless things as possible so I can focus on the more important things. That is one reason why I like the Daily Stat. It is only one paragraph, it is short and to the point.


The following quote comes in handy in this situation, maybe I should give it a go too!

Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, because they are still looking for good ideas themselves!And while you’re here, why don’t you have a look at the DePortemonnee.nl or www.nicollo.nl to buy a Magic Wallet?

Thanks for your attention again!


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