Use smart tools

Use simple or smart tools. Preferably both. One tool I have started to use is Airtable. A pretty amazing Excel replacement / database / crm / you name it. Whether I want to keep track of our content planning or the people we talk too, Airtable can do this for you in a smart and visual way. For our super simple CRM I used basic … Lees verder Use smart tools

Meten is weten!

Hoe goed staat jouw site er voor?Wat moet je verbeteren?Wat is het laaghangende fruit?Waar is te veel concurrentie? Dat zijn allemaal zaken die erg belangrijk zijn als je een succesvolle website of webshop wilt runnen. Maar hoe kan je daar achter? Simpel, door de juiste tools te gebruiken. Wij gebruiken hier SE Ranking voor. Met deze (helaas niet gratis, maar wel betaalbaare) tool kom je … Lees verder Meten is weten!

Las Gaviotas

The story about Las Gaviotas is one about a visionary guy who didn’t let himself get stopped by other peoples opinion. He didn’t waiver from his goal and his vision just because it wasn’t going fast enough.   The Blue Economy by Gunter Paulli Read the story about Paolo Lugari Blog Post green boating plus link to Amazon to buy the book Read Gunter Pauli’s … Lees verder Las Gaviotas

De grote buit is binnen.

Je bent blij, dat is begrijpelijk. Euforisch. Super Enthousiast! Ja, volledig in extase. Er is namelijk een mooie buit binnen gehaald voor de stad. Kijk maar eens naar dat plaatje. Amsterdam haalt namelijk een mooi EUROPEEEES hoofdkantoor binnen. En dat is goed. Dat is mooi voor de stad. Dat is namelijk precies wat deze stad nodig heeft. Een beetje allure, een maar liefst 900 internationale … Lees verder De grote buit is binnen.

Join the hype


Have you joined the Blockchain revolution?

Ever bought a couple Bitcoins or Ether?

Feel like you are missing out on the next big thing? Lees verder “Join the hype”

Build a boat in seconds

Ever wanted to build a boat, but did’t have the time? You are not alone. Building a boat is a long process which you don’t want to rush (too much).

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Getting Things Done, with OmniFocus

Lately I try to get things done. Really! With the help of David Allen’s Gettings Things Done strategy, I now use OmniFocus to, well, get things done. For a start, I was really skeptical myself as well. But it works. Especially, or perhaps only, if you go all in.

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Ocean Cleanup

Ocean CleanupTwo words: keep dreaming! Or in this case, dream big, and follow your dreams. That is that the Ocean Cleanup initiative, by a young Dutch student from Delft is all about. Bryan Slate is only 20 years old and already working a couple years on this huge project to cleanup all the oceans.

The project turned to crowdfunding to raise the first round of cash. With succes. “After completion, US$ 2,154,282 had been raised, making it ‘the most successful non-profit crowd funding campaign in history’, according to crowd funding platform ABN AMRO’s SEEDS, who facilitated the campaign.

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Managing 12 volts

Managing 12 VoltsQuite a while ago I wrote about a useful book for any boat or caravan owner looking to install, or improve, an electrical system. Even with modern technology, you still have to know what you are doing when installing an electrical system that suits your needs.

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KNRM Helpt

Sailing is not only about power, but as well as doing the right thing. In the Netherlands, there is a volunteer rescue organisation for the Dutch lakes, rivers and coastal area. Each year they are called into action about 1500 times.

Considering they work on a 100% voluntary basis and receive no government funding, this is a significant achievement.

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Renewable Energy World

Renewable Energy WorldHere at Green Boating we do our best to provide as many resources for anything green and sustainable. Starting today, we will show you interesting apps. These can be apps for saving energy, sailing, or perhaps just a news app focused at boating and renewable energy.

The world we live in, is one of apps and smartphones, so it really make sense to show you all the useful ones out there. The first app we will show you is Renewable Energy World.

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Renaissance of the Modern J-Class

Sailing has been traditionally the greenest of all forms of transportation on thRenaissance Modern J-Classe water. Unfortunately, diesel or gas powered boats can travel faster and are less dependent on the influence of the weather. But there is a new trend, one that looks back at the old J-Class yachts from about 100 years ago. Impressive sailing yachts with very tall masts and a sail area as large as possible to be faster than the competition.

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How do solar panels work

Solar panels in a field
How do solar panels work?

So how do solar panels work? The Guardian has a series of articles explaining different issues. This one is explaining how solar panels capture the energy of the sun, and generate electricity we can use to make a cup of coffee. Or charge your electrical car. Or, well, you get the point!

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BioLite Nano Grid

The BioLite Nano Grid is another very smart invention from the BioLite company. It is a combination of power sharing, flashlight and general light and a charging station.

BioLite Nano Grid
BioLite Nano Grid

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