Use smart tools

Use simple or smart tools. Preferably both.

One tool I have started to use is Airtable. A pretty amazing Excel replacement / database / crm / you name it. Whether I want to keep track of our content planning or the people we talk too, Airtable can do this for you in a smart and visual way.

For our super simple CRM I used basic template, of which they have a bunch, and started adding my last conversation within a couple minutes. Pretty cool I would say, especially compared to the pricey CRM’s out there which were way to sophisticated for us.

At first I found Airtable when I was looking for a way to share the over 10.000 records my late grandfather had collected over many years. But in the end I ended up using it for the business, and I am still discovering new features.

Try Airtable for free.

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