Going electric from an unexpected source: Harley Electric

Harley electric as in, Harley’s going electric, no joke! I had to read it twice before I believed it. The brand that is so well known for its loud motorbike’s you seriously can’t miss, is doing road tests with an electrical bike. This doesn’t mean that I am a fan of large and loud motorbikes but for me it is an indication how much attention electrical transportation receives at the moment. That, I am very happy with of course!. Whether it is bikes, cars or boats, it all means more research and progress for electrical vehicles.

Harley Davidson Electric

Harley Electric

The bike looks cool, is electric of course and is said to drive impressive. This is exactly the positive news that the electrical sector needs. Cool, good driving experience and good for the environment. All in all, the Harley Electric is just a cool bike. But, lets be realistic. She is not for sale, you can’t drive very far and we don’t even know when she will go in production. So all of this is still is mostly test driving and reading the different user experiences. Lets follow this Harley electric and have a look where it will bring us, maybe our electrical boats can learn something from this experiment.

You can find more information on the website of Project LiveWire as Harley Davidson calls their electrical bike project. At the moment they have a massive road tour to let users see the bike and perhaps even testdrive it. So far, it is not for sale yet, but it might be the start of a range of electrical bikes.

Harley Electric