Join the hype


Have you joined the Blockchain revolution?

Ever bought a couple Bitcoins or Ether?

Feel like you are missing out on the next big thing?

Well, too be honest, I have felt a bit that way, reading about the next peak of Bitcoin. It took me quite a while to figure out how it all works, and I still don’t really understand much of it. Except that I do believe that there is a bit of a hype.

In the end, I figured out that the only way to truly understand it, is to participate. So I joined Coinbase and bought some Bitcoin and Ether. Not a couple Bitcoins… Unfortunately, if you see the price explosion.

At least Coinbase makes it easy to buy Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin. So what are you waiting for? By the way, don’t come crying back to me when the whole hype crashes like the Tulip Bulbs did many hundreds of years ago in the Netherlands.

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