Would motivation like this work for renewable energy too?

It is all about motivation! We can all run a marathon, climb the biggest mountain or sail around the world, as long as we have the right motivation. The video below shows how people can be motivated to change something very small in their normal behaviour, without it having to cost them anything.

The question is, how can we use this in other aspects of our lifes where we feel the need to change peoples’ behavior? Should we build massive pianos everywhere? Or can we find something else that is as simple and as efficient as this example?

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Something different, a cool skate video

This is a pretty cool skate video I wanted to share with you. The speed is phenomenal. Do you realise that there is a human standing on top of this skate board? Speed is not all that special, but when you realise it is not a car or plane, but a guy only centimetres removed from the concrete, you might get a bit more respect. So here is something different, but with great potential.

Imagine the possibilities of such a tiny camera!

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More than 3 years in Australia and they still surprise me…

People here in Australia still amaze me. The other day I was walking down a street lined with little cafes and shops. It was a nice street to go for a coffee, which is always a favourite pastime for me. Unfortunately they were working on the sidewalk. Replacing something that wasn’t really broken in the first place it to make sure the government is spending … Continue reading More than 3 years in Australia and they still surprise me…

Useful Reaserch?

Thin Men Get Lower Pay than Average-Weight Men A man in the U.S. whose weight is 25 pounds below the mean earns $210,925 less, on average, across a 25-year career than a man whose weight is at the mean, according to a study by Timothy A. Judge of the University of Florida and Daniel M. Cable of London Business School. But a woman who is … Continue reading Useful Reaserch?

Do you already have one from Nicollo Webshop?

Nicollo LogoEvery now and than you see something that you would like to have. And you want to have it now! Sometimes it is expensive, but at other times it is actually something that we all can afford. You know what I am talking about, those little thinks that make our life’s just that little bit nicer.
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Still Loving Research!

Still loving research Another example why we love research. These researches must have worked long and hard to get this research up and running. But in the end, trying to blend in with the back ground did not work. At all! Have a look yourself to see how the researchers are out smarted by the curiosity of these polar bears. A video by the BBC. … Continue reading Still Loving Research!

Do you ever have this problem too?

Do you ever go to the bottle shop when your car is running low on petrol? Seems like these two scientists do have this problem. Poor scientists. “Why two economists have found it increasingly hard to distinguish oil from wine” Lets hope, for their own health’ sake, that they roll the petrol in their glass and smell the strong aromas before they actually drink it. Continue reading Do you ever have this problem too?

Or maybe what not to choose!

Another interesting quote from the Daily Stat from the Harvard Business Review. Interesting, especially when I am going to enjoy another long haul flight soon. Space can be very nice, especially when you have to sit still for 12 hours. If you don’t want to sit still, you can walk up and down the aisles, but how long will it take before the flight attendants start questioning your behaviour? I mean, nowadays you are even asked not to gather in groups around the toilets or in other places on the plane.
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What to choose?

Nicollo Logo

Do you ever have the feeling that you cannot make a decision? Not because you don’t know what you want but because you have too many choices? There are sometimes just too many good things too choose from and I want them all! Continue reading “What to choose?”